Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Visit of The 9th Emperor God Celebration

Yang and I followed our friend, Kelvin to witness the 9th Emperor God Celebration last Wednesday. It was rather fun and interesting actually. Well it is celebrated among the Taoists. are some of the photos to be shared~

The atmosphere inside the main temple.

Loyal helpers carrying the statues of the Gods.

Worship and worship ~___~

Good samaritans~

Yellow and red mikus with labels sold~
*I can't read Chinese but I know one of it means Peacefulness*

Holy chair(?) for the God @@

The opera played on that day.

The musicians playing for the play.


Another type of miku~ Sold at RM 1 each~

One last photo before retreating back to my college.

ALL these photos were taken and edited by Yang. Credit goes to him~


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