Monday, 5 September 2011

Promoter DDD:

Oh my my... It's been so long since I last posted something here @@
Life had been busy since I stopped working in the Pizza Hut. Well I actually worked in a retail shop; a supermarket actually.

My brother's girlfriend suggested me the job actually, knowing that I never liked working in the restaurant anyway. So yeah... I applied for a job position worth RM 4 per hour. Then I've got a promoter job, under the gents' department.

Uhm... I don't know how to describe this >___< My brand is Milano. Previously it was the Beverly Hills Polo Club, then.. it closed. I never asked why. I came to work on the 4th day after Milano is opened. Everything had been set up.

I was taught to sell and issue bills. More or less I just have to wait for stocks to come, then I'll need to request for the barcode from the office and stick price tags on the new stocks products. Other than that, I also need to write daily sales report and monthly report. It got complicated when I had to handle the closing of the monthly report ^__^"ll

Yeah~ Yesterday was my last day of working. Today, I went there to get my punch card photocopied and certified. I also took photos of my counter. It's kinda messy ^__^"

It is now handled by a new promoter. I don't hate this job at all ^__^ It was boring actually, and a little bit tiring~


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