Thursday, September 29, 2011


In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it is already the 9th month. So the Taoists have this tradition or culture that we have to be a vegetarian for 9 days straight as to give refuge to the 9th Emperor God. However, it is not necessary and it is also opened to other Chinese religion.

That day, Guang Yang and I went out to try out vegetarian food on our own. We dined in to the Chow Yang Restaurant, and we also called Kelvin, our friend who lives in Bercham, to come along since his house is just nearby.

Yang and I ordered a package set which consists of 2 dishes, 2 plates of rice, tea and a bowl of soup.

This was the soup we ordered. It's a herbal soup~

Beancurd's spicy. I forgot the name of the dish though..

And the other dish is..

A pot and cup of tea


Kelvin... LOL He is faceless in the pic. I'll get a proper picture of him. 8)

Miscellaneous photos~

Photos credit to Yang.


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