Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend begins~

Yesterday, my class tutor, Madam Azizah prepared us breakfast~ So lovely of her~
She brought beef spaghetti and had the cafe workers to make roti canai for us, and also hot coffee as well as teh tarik~ However, I had to give the spaghetti a go since I am not a beef-taker *sad to the max* And actually, her husband cooked the sauce~ I heard that the sauce tastes great too~

The roti canai~

The spaghetti and beef sauce~ TTwTT

The glasses~

My roti canai with curry and cuppa teh tarik~ *and phone pouch*

It was very filling in fact~ Thanks for this grateful things in life and all the kind human being exist around me~

Well in the noon, Anis, Kak Long, Yang and I went out to do some stuff. Yang wanted to go to the post office to renew his road tax, while Anis and Kak Long wanted to go to the Jusco to take Anis's contacts. Well me.... I just followed xDDD

The ladies in the car~
From left: Anis, Kak Long, Vivian(that's me~)

And oh, myself~

I bought a pocket-size mirror and comb for myself. I have not take any photos of it >___> I'll upload the photos soon~


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