Saturday, 10 September 2011


I'm already in my college when I type this out.

Mom sent me here. We took off at 11.20 AM. Well there was traffic jam in Gopeng. In the end we reached at about 1.45 PM. I got my old room back~ Miss my room mate quite a lot as well as the Vivian opposite my room. I had great time taking my belongings from the car to my room. Thanks mom for helping~ Sorry for troubling >___<

Mom left at 2.30 PM, leaving me to unpack everything myself. I'm an independent young lady~ It was around 4 PM when I finally switched on my laptop. Announcing my arrival on Twitter *LOL* and also changing my current location on the Facebook.

After I bathed, I went online and then I ironed all my clothes. There were 30 things for me to iron @@ I finished ironing at almost 8 PM. Then I boiled water and now currently having a cuppa instant noodle as dinner.

I am happy for being here. I have been waiting for so long since I do not enjoy working at all (except for the last job). And it means that I can finally reunite with Mr. Pig. Well, he is coming back tomorrow. I have presents waiting for him~

I am waiting for him too~


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