Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hey, everyone~ I am having an off day. So I am spending some time of mine to update my blog.
I have changed myself and my mindset on my work~ I have begin to like working in the restaurant~

I think the main reason for that is because of my friends there. They are nice and kind to me. I enjoy working with them (though in the beginning they were "bad" to me, in a sense that they teased me a lot). I even miss them too. I wish I could meet them; it'd all be tomorrow =D

I took this one on one of these nights we had. We finished clearing everything so we chatted and camwhored~
From left, Din, Afif, Nas, Syira.

Two days ago, I also had class in the restaurant. It was all on Door Person and 10 Moments of Truth talk. It was hour. Then, the assistant manager treated us to pizzas~ The free food made the class worth attending~ I think more classes should be held.
Some of those who attended~
Front from left: Fiza, Azwa
Middle from left: Din, Nas
Back from left: Suguna, Mei Jin

They are all awesome. But my close buddies are Afif, Syafiq and Fiza.
Fiza is my bestie in the restaurant~ She is two years my junior.
She laughs crazily xD

I miss my close friends there~ I want to hang out with them soon~


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