Friday, 1 July 2011


Hey peeps~ What's up~?
I have some workplace photos to spam~

Well, while I was working as the door person on an afternoon, there were 2 "little" visitors who came by and glared into the restaurant. Azman was so kind that he served them tuna.

2 spams before going off to work one evening~
(I wish the original photos were nicer, then I wouldn't have to put effect-ified photos)

And these were taken tonight. Everyone finished clearing everything early and we sat down to chat. I was there too to take photos~
From left: Afif, Azwa, Shira, Fiza, Miera

Here is another one
Guys from left: Afif (grey tee), Vicky, Azman
Girls from left: Azwa, Shira, Fiza

Well honestly speaking, this is indeed the FIRST TIME feeling happy while I work in the restaurant. All the while, I felt so awful, terrible and horrible. But tonight is seriously different. I hope the happy feeling lasts. Then I don't have to complain so much.

The last photo before we went to punch our cards and go home~
From left (back): Azman, Fiza, Vivi (me~), Afif
Front: Shira

Because of tonight's satisfaction and happiness too, I decided to create a photo album on Facebook. It all contains the photos I took at every place I worked. Apparently, this Pizza Hut restaurant has the most photos of all~


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