Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Young Lady in The Kitchen

Good day, everyone ^__^ I had made myself busy this afternoon. I was on my plan and mission to bake cookies ( after being motivated by Mr. Pig last week). I took up the challenge to bake using an oven. I was never sure if oven can be used for baking. Eventually, Mr Pig assured me. He said "Sure, why not?"

Then I browsed some bakery sites. I was on my favourite site, the Joy of Baking, and from my Tumblr, I discovered Bakerella. I decided to bake the Oatmeal Cookies for my mother.

This is my product <3

This was taken on my first trial

And the preparation~

I was very happy because it turned out well. Crispy, for my liking. But my mom commented that the cookie she ate was as if there was too much oat in it. And my brother's girlfriend, Audrey, said it was like..the cookie was not fully baked. I know it is kind of ironic, but as long as I am happy for myself, I think I am accomplished ^__^

Next, I would like to try Pillow Cookies.
And oh, I made this yesterday. I took the recipe from "A Cake in a Cup". You can just Google it out. Simple and very easy ^__^


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