Sunday, 17 July 2011


Food and Blessings~
(And of course, Love)

#1 Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

Personal remarks: Classy setting with a lil' vintage feel for me ^__^ Very nice. A bit pricey but worth the comfort and beautiful environment <3
Eaten: Bolognese Chicken, Creamy Fettucine, Peach Milk Tea

#2 Subway

Personal remarks: Indeed my first time dining in in a Subway outlet (since there isn't any in my hometown, but I am not so sure if there is any in Ipoh). The first meal of the day always tastes the best when you have it with your loved one(s). The price is reasonable too~
Eaten: Tuna & Egg (with Wheat bread), Breakfast Strips & Egg (with Wheat bread), 2 cups of coffee (gotten free for each set of breakfast).

#3 Fruuze Frozen Yogurt

Personal remarks: Delicious. Better than Nestle or Tutti Frutti, according to Mr. Pig. Had hard time choosing the toppings though ^__^ The chairs there are cute too~
Eaten: Blueberry and Mango twisted flavour yogurt, with toppings of Passion Pearls, Strawberry and lychee.


#4 Straits Quay

Mentioned previously in my last entry (below this one, just scroll down or click Older Posts~), it is a beautiful place. Great enough for sightseeing too ^__^ Not much photos though, but I will take more when I visit this place again, I promise ^__^

#n Other places I had been to but without photos:
James Foo & Family Western Food


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