Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Worplace story again~
It has been a very "sweaty" evening for me.

The new asst. manager assigned the male Chong and I to clean the male hostel (above the restaurant). I had to mop and brush the floor and staircase as well as to..y'know...everything. He was very satisfied that the hostel is now clean.

Then, he treated both of us to eat some food from the restaurant, within RM 30. I asked all the existing service crew to order too. I couldn't be eating everything on my own, could I? I don't know about the male Chong, but..oh well... *shrugs*

So...this was the list of food I wrote
1 WS Primavera
Hut's Platter
Seafood Lasagna


Tonight was quite a leisure night. Less customers. It's the beginning of weekdays anyway. We had got low sales too, within RM 2k-3k =/ In fact, we were very free tonight.
Such that we had time to camwhore too.

It was a surprise for me that Din dropped by to visit us. Then everyone had photos together. Except the male Chong.. LOL
Front from left: Fiza, Syira
Back from left: Din, Shafiq, me, MeiJin

Muh... I looked weird in this =.=

And oh, the photo I took before I punch my card.

Have a great day, everyone <3


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