Thursday, 23 June 2011


The Adventure of Nom Nom Pig
And Its Master

Apparently, after my Mr. Pig left this place to reunite with his family, the gift that he gave i.e. the Nom Nom Pig plush, has been on a few adventure since then. That is how I get the title for this entry (well, sort of ^__^;;)

See that? It is its original location at night. I sleep with it side by side.
And the next day...

It was at my foot. I won't be possibly throwing it that far TT____TT Maybe it rolled.
On the same day at night....

It disappeared. I was searching for it using my cell phone's display light. I searched every corner of the bed, and even under the bed. But it resulted nothing. Then, I used my mom's torchlight to look for it. "went" above my bed.

Glad that it didn't be gone LOL
I love it a lot ^__^


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