Thursday, 23 June 2011


I have another update of something that I have not been sharing for quite some time.
Well I don't really know how to say this, but.. 2 of my white young hamsters are gone. I mean, really gone, physically.

It happened yesterday when I was working. My mom text'd me at around lunch hour asking me if there are hamsters hiding in my bag. I immediately went to my bag and dug everything out, but nothing was there. Until I reached home in the evening, my mom told me the whole story.

She was going to feed all of my hamsters and then she noticed there was only one young hamster in the smaller cage. The lingering question in our minds are, how did the 2 of them escape. This is because, when my mom noticed about this, the door of the cage was just as it is- untouched, unbroken, just nice and good. According to her, a portion of the newspapers underneath both of my cages were torn.

The torn part

The cage of my young hamsters.

I feel like some tragedy happened to them. It IS possible for them to push the door open, but NEVER possible for them to close back (even from the inside). I really have no idea where did they go. My mom and I searched all over the house, and most of all, the most hidden areas like under the fridge, cupboard, shoe rack, behind the washing machine. Literally everywhere in the house. Even if there was a thief, it is not logical to steal only 2. Wouldn't that person worry if the resident(s) come out of nowhere suddenly? The thief might as well take the whole cage.

Last night, I put some food on a few pieces of paper and distributed them to a few locations in my house. Before I went to bed and when I woke up this morning, the food was all untouched. There is no sign of them anywhere.

Everything is so mysterious. Both of the young hamsters (brothers) are like best friends. They sleep together and play together and also eat together. Now, they disappear together.

I last seen them on Tuesday night. One of the 2 bit my toe because I place my foot near the cage. I want them back safely.


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