Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Some update from my workplace :3 I hardly update anything about it eh?
Okay, anyway, here are some facts about me towards working at the Pizza Hut =___=

  1. I hate working there, it is so boring, tiring and put me to sleep very early;
  2. I go there just to leech the WiFi;
  3. Restaurant job doesn't suit my personality;
  4. I am always the door person (like an usher), and it is a huge boredom;
  5. I hope it rains heavily everyday. (Less customer > Less work to do > me happy with the job)

Anyhow, I got to camwhore last night and today =3 Here they are

Toilet shot :D The one in black is 'Adi.

'Adi took this for me~

Door person =____= So boring that I can even take photos while I work, eh?

Vignette effect

The restaurant wood tile

In and out~~


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