Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oh, great day <3

My Mr. Right is on his way to Ipoh right now to reunite with his family members. The missing impact isn't so strong on me yet ^__^ I don't feel so sad or bad upon seeing him leaving, just wishing that the time passes fast so that I can see him again =3

Ps: ILoveYou

He came here with surprises~ One of them is the "cure" of the obsession towards pig/piglet and Angry Birds. This is it~

I was like OMG! I like it so much, seriously! This Nom Nom Pig is now my sleeping mate LOL <3

And next, he gave me his jacket; which I used to wear in the previous semester =3 Yay~

So last night, we went to the Secret Recipe~ I have not been eating any cakes since I came back. More of like, I don't eat any because you are not here to eat with me. Eating there made me thought of the Kinta City's branch. I just miss Ipoh so much, and I wish I can go back to study.



I am looking forward to see him again~ It's going to be less than a month from now =3


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