Monday, May 2, 2011


I had my second round of celebration on Saturday~ I traveled to Taiping (about 1 and a quarter away from Ipoh) with Yang~ We took off at almost 9.00 A.M. and when we reached, we had breakfast at a Chinese noodle stall. Then, lo and behold, we went to the Taiping Zoo.

It was like one of my dreams came true, because.. I have always been wanting to go to a zoo. And he brought me there. Yes, dreams do come true. I love the animals in the zoo~

Orang utan

Biig fish :D Reminds me of Star Wars


A type of monkey

Another type of monkey~

A deer, at the left.

Eagle owls~

A lioness~~

Honey bear~~

School of fish~~~

Well, an elephant~

Kangaroo and its child~

I was feeding a kangaroo when this was taken.
Yea, it's me. Not an animal in the zoo =w=

An ostrich, almost hairless~~



Another school of fish, which is near the exit~

My legs were paining after that DX
Stay tuned for another celebration entry~~
*Out for dinner~*


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