Sunday, May 29, 2011


Day Ten: One Confession

Alright, so.. I have been working in the Pizza Hut restaurant for almost half a month. It is compulsory for all the female Service workers to put on makeup. However, I never put on anything except for lip balm.

Recently, Miss Ainaa, the Pizza Hut's Training Officer (TO) came to have a look and observe inside the restaurant. Apparently, she looked into the kitchen and commented on how the chefs and riders to their job, as well as the restaurant's priority area (1st floor of the restaurant). She commented on every single worker too. She never commented on me until she was about to leave. Well, she told me to put on makeup =3=

So yeah.. I put on makeup to work today. My assistant manager praised me and everyone did too. Well I supposed I have to put makeup on on every working day already- for the sake of working.


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