Thursday, May 19, 2011


Why, hello again for today 8D;;;
Aite~ Back to some photography now~

"forgive and forget"
I wish I had better pen to write on skin ;(

"Hello, Sunshine~!" inspired by some tumblr. photos~

This is the original photo~

Okay~ back to normal~
This origami was folded by Yang before we had our semester break ;) It is a mother pig, according to him xD Well, as you can see, it is in front of my laptop screen, at the center. I put it there for the past one week already. Well, at least when I see it, it reminds me of someone ;) And it comes with a piglet too~ LOL no photo for it though D;

Yesterday, I worked as a door person in the restaurant. Something like an usher. Well, shortly after that, my manager told me to clean some stuff. Uh.. yeah, "some stuff". I have to clean tiles of the wall, ad boards and everything. More like wipe everything. All the 4 sides of the restaurant. In the end, my skin was peeled off. Sobz

Having an off-day is a great pleasure~ I feel so relaxed and happy ^____^ But when I think of having to go to work tomorrow, I feel so frustrated! As it it kills me..! My mother says, "don't think of the tiredness. Just think of the money." I am like LOL..!


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