Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Food Crave

I have been craving for some food since last week. When my Sun asks me if I want to eat, I'd tell him that I have no appetite. However, very soon after that I began to crave.

I first craved for Katsu Don. It is a type of Japanese meal. Go Google Image it~
Then, I felt like eating Mamee Monster snack :X
Next, peppermint ice-cream * _____ *
...Pork rice
Glutinous chicken rice

The day after, I managed to ask him to buy me something...!
I get to eat glutinous chicken rice!! It's called 'Loh Mai Kai' in Cantonese btw =D
Photo credit to Mr Google

I wish I took the photo myself~

And in the same time, I get to eat Big Bao too..!
Photo obtained from Google

He also got me a chocolate bao~~
And a cup of mango yogurt~~ Dutch Lady brand though, I don't like it but I finished it anyway~
Thank you Sun for buying me food~~~


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