Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 22

Day 22 - How have you changed in the past 2 years

I think I have changed drastically.

2 years ago, I was the kind of girl who was afraid to be in love. Even if people confess to me, I'd reject right in the face. Then there was this one time, I accepted someone blindly :) but I ended it early this year. Right now, I am not afraid anymore and in fact, I am in love with this great person!

Well... when I stepped into this college, I was someone childish and immature. Like, if I saw a cat, I'd like "Hey everyone, look! There's a cat out there~~!!!" One of my classmates would imitate and tease me for that. But now, I am someone who is quite serious (I think). Well, compared to 2 years ago, yeah..

And uh.. I was once an emo person. But I am the total opposite now ^___^

Other than that...I..was into cosplay. WAS. But now..ever since I've got into Degree, I have slowly lost interest in it. I want to make this year my final year in cosplaying.

I have also grown to be a more family-thought/oriented person, I guess. Last time, I never really care about my family members, because I live with them. Now that I can hardly see them, I'd always worry and I often think of them.

That's all that I noticed myself. Others said that:

I have become a more humble and gentle and polite person.

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