Saturday, 2 April 2011

Outing on April Fool

There was no class yesterday~ Not an April Fool's joke >=D
I woke up late~ Sadly I had to attend a briefing in the afternoon >:/

Nevertheless, I went hanging out shortly after that. I dropped by at McJust's place before taking off though! I passed some food supplies to her and bought her Sunmaid Raisins as a present for her. Glad that she loves it~

So yeah. As usual, I had my Friday diner at Secret Recipe in Kinta City. 2 shots~
Oreo Cheese
Baked Banana Cheese

The Hang Out Part 2, after movie~ (I watched Hop~)

I was wearing my new top~~~ I love it so much! <3
And I am feeling a little bit charged up after almost sleepless night this whole week~


2 comments: said...

love the raisins! tq vivian! ;D

the banana cheese cake looks so tempting... Q__Q

vivian said...

you're welcome~~~~ ^^

the cakes are really tasty >u<