Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 29

Day 29 - Your goals for next 30 days

Gonna put in list~
  1. Cut my hair;
  2. Find a rental house;
  3. Get a part time job for the 4 months semester break;
  4. Renew my ATM card;
  5. Manage to ask someone to borrow me his/her boots for Lucy cosplay;
  6. Yukimura's wig to be styled;
  7. Manage to get a place to stay for C2AGE event and also photoshoot;
  8. Learn to play violin;
  9. Can play Baby (JB) song my guitar;
  10. Finish reading my "House Rules" novel;
  11. Watch The Red Little Ridinghood with my Prince before my semester break;
  12. Sing JB's songs to people;
  13. Download some JB's songs;
  14. See all my new baby hamsters grown up and survive;
  15. Bring mom out to eat;
  16. Get a new profile picture on my FB
  17. Seeing everyone happy and healthy
  18. Watching all my goals come true

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