Saturday, 16 April 2011


I feel tired this whole week, and this will continue until the end of this month. I am having my final exams soon. Uhm.. I mean it will begin on the coming Monday. I stay up late to study. I do not feel exhausted to do so but in the morning, I just feel like want to lie on my bed and sleep for the whole day! I have become nocturnal.

Thinking of maintaining 3.54 GPA and above, I feel so..difficult for me. It is definitely going to be hard. And I just can't wait until the exams are over. I miss attending doll outings too! The first outing I tagged along was last December. It was really fun =3

Photos credit to Donna_Merrinette
From top left: Elisa, Elora, Elwyn (all mine~!!)
From bottom left: *name not known >.<* (Donna's), Adrian (Maru's)

They are all different type of dolls ^___^ Mine are Dal, Pullip and Byul. Whereas Donna's is a Blythe and Maru's is a 1/4 scale Ball-Jointed Doll. I have always been wanting a BJD too. In fact, it was my first time touching one during the outing xDDD Here's another group photo in portrait:

The outing was in Seed Cafe in Mid Valley, FYI~

Adrian and Elisa
Maru said that Adrian looked like a prince in there~

Adrian and Elora and Elwyn

This is currently my profile picture on FB

My princesses

Next profile picture?:

Are dolls creepy to you? =D


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