Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Problem =(

I think that my blog is very messy @@ Feel like undo-ing everything! I need to add more images to cheer my blog up..!
Here's what I am facing:

My SE Xperia X8 has yet to be accessed to the Android Market. Well, previously I used the Nokia's 7500 Prism and so I set it as my default phone. Then when I switch to this Android, I can't seem to change the phone and internet setting.

I have been requesting Yang to help me to contact the Digi Helpline/Customer Care. I was informed that the change of my phone setting (Nokie 7500 Prism to SE Xperia X8) is still pending. Well I was just worry, because it has been like..weeks or months. :/ I want to access to the Android Market so much and I want to download applications too. My Android phone is not supposed to be boring (stereotype intended).

Other than that, my phone has recently gone coo-coo. When I press the Menu button, my screen would go black and blank. I could not see anything; I could not unlock my phone. What worse was, when I try to slide (is that the right word?) the screen, my phone did not respond. Yang helped me to restart my phone after that. Everything was okay after that.

That's my favourite wallpaper. Have not been changing since I bought it ;)
Thanks for reading my problem~


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