Monday, April 11, 2011


I am finally down with one more assignment to go. Probably will get it this week and might have to submit on this Friday..!

In the same time, I have to revise on 5 subjects which I am studying, because my final exam will begin exactly one week from now. Somehow I feel like I waste too much time. Like, napping in the afternoon, staying up late at night for FB-ing, and the likes, but not doing revision at all.

At the moment when I blog this out, I am doing notes on Linguistics for ESL Teachers. I have the mood to study but my mind is making conflicts with my heart. I do not know why I am not keen to flip the pages! Why is this happening? *sigh* Want yet do not want.

Other than that, my class was informed that we can stay in the hostel until next semester, which is in the mid of February 2012. However, the assistant of my class misinterpret and told one of the Students' Affair officers that we will be staying in until December. So....the other news I received this noon was about our accommodation.

It seems like we might have to move out. The final exam for next semester will finish only in the end of January. In the same time, there'll be a new intake of the KPLI in January. It causes the trainees not to have enough room. In addition to that, the accommodation priority is on the new people. Meaning, we have to move out of the hostel if there is no enough room. Some of my classmates said we might as well move out right away rather than to wait until we come back to college in September. Plus, it'd be very last minute to know that the rooms are all occupied. We're all gonna be like /dropjaw.gif at that time.

So yeah...having headache now @@ Worrying about my exams, MUET (this Saturday), and right after my exams, gotta worry to find a rental house. Financial management is going bad as well @___@

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