Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Day 3

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol

Okay. I will write an essay on this. No thesis statement, okay..? Just a leisure writing from me

In my opinion, drugs are good. They are used in medication, no? I mean everyone has been consuming it since young. Unless you use them for the wrong purpose(s), then drugs will definitely rot your life.

Whereas for alcohol, uh...good too. Alcohol is used in the production of whiteboard markers. Can you imagine me teaching without whiteboard markers? I do not like to use chalks. I hate its annoying sound.

Those are one of the good sides of each of them. While in the negative perspective;

Drugs which leads drug addiction is one of social problems in Malaysia. So yeah... I might be dealing with this kind of problem in my school too. I..do not know what will be the effective solution. But, parents should educate their children on this kind of problem before they hit puberty. I am very sure that the parents do not want to see the fruits they bear to be rot, yeah?

Same thing goes to alcohol. Every religion teaches not to consume that. No intoxicants, and things like that...Alcohol, and then leads to accidents, free sex, abuse, et cetera.

You know what...
I actually do not know what to write. Sorry for the nonsense I posted ^___^

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