Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 1

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

How I wish this question comes later ^___^;;
Well, I am...gladly taken. I first met him in the Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) last December.

I seriously never knew I'd end up with him. Before I asked for a break up with my previous one, I was one of the always-tease gang people who teased him and another Chinese girl in my class. And after I broke up, I thought I might date again after a few years.

But I never knew how fast can love develop. I never knew that I had fell in love until my classmate, Mcjust told me so. I even consulted my other classmates to reassure the feelings that I was going through. Yes, I had fallen for someone. I WAS not sure because I had not been feeling like that for a really long time (No, the previous one was accepted blindly and I decided not to lie to myself anymore). So..I always want to be near him. Seeing other classmates teasing him with the other girl broke my heart and what's worse was, I teased them too (WAARRGGHHHHHHH). Yet, every night I tweeted and sort of like spam my Fb wall, dedicating some messages to him.

One night..., the night after my 'family' trip to Teluk Batik, he text'd me and confessed. I seriously felt like crying. I went to my room mate and let her 'take care' of me. She could not tell if I was blushing or I was having sunburn. I accepted him the next morning.

Up until today, I cannot believe that I am with him. This is really like a dream come true. I always have so many love songs playing in the air. This is really a blessing; blessing from everyone I know. And yeah, I spam my Fb as well as my Twitter saying how glad I am, and everything.

Never expect that he'd catch me when I fall for him, eh~ ^___^
I AM sure of what I am feeling right now.


intan said...

touched :')
untung jugak mama bawak pergi teluk batik kan sayang?

i pray that this will happiness will forever be yours :) said...

it nearly 3 months kan? ;D

vivian said...

thank you mama~~~ <3 thank you so much >_____<
uncountable, infinity

vivian said...

nearly 3 since we met, mcjahh~ but this is the second month we're together >_____<

masahiro said...


vivian said...

thank you ^___^