Friday, March 4, 2011


I had been rushing to finish 2 of my assignments since yesterday. FACT: I have everything I need but I never work on them.

1. Reading Skills
In my opinion, it is not hard to do at all. I only have to make 5 graphic organizers based on 5 articles that I have chosen. Easy, am I right? Seriously, laziness kills me. Right now, I can't even remember why I did not touch on this assignment. I guess I have wasted my time a lot.

It takes me a Wednesday night to draft out the graphic organizers. One whole day on Thursday to transfer the draft to the Microsoft Word and print out.

2. Pembangunan Sahsiah
Literally, it means The Building of Personality. I have to write on an essay worth 3 to 5 pages. That's all. What makes me not keen is, it has to be in Bahasa Malaysia. And the truth is, I never pay attention at all in this class. So after I finished doing my Reading Skills assignment, I had to do some research and read more about the topic of the essay.

I slept late on both days. I was really tired. First, it was because I had walked so far (referring to my previous entry). Then, not having enough sleep. Sleeping late but waking up early. The best yet most frustrating thing is, I have another new teeth growing. I cannot even drop my jaw.

It causes my cheek to swell. I look so ugly right now, with my big big face. Despite all these, I have fallen ill. Having fever, flu, cough and head ache too. I was so suffering from all these. It is a sign that my body is really tired (I usually fall sick when I am too tired).

Yang has been making fun of me, because I cannot speak and eat properly + swollen cheek. And I cannot even imitate The Annoying Orange's "nyanyanyanyanyanyanya.." and whatever silly actions. That doesn't bother me, since I have to keep my mouth shut most of the time. Yang also is like..keep on wanting to pinch my cheek despite knowing that I am feeling pain inside.

The ironic matter is, on Thursday night, my classmates were like saying that they will submit the Sahsiah assignment next week, and things like that. I just kept writing the essay until in the midnight, I consulted Mc Just and asked whether it is true or not to submit the assignment next week.

She said no. We have to submit on Friday, but it seems like everyone is protesting about it. So I discussed with Yang, and we decided to stop doing the assignment, and sleep. I am glad because I have done it half way, so the next time when I continue doing, I do not have to burden myself so much.

Thank goodness that the Reading Skills assignment has been submitted. I can feel that the weigh I carry on my shoulder has been released.

Bonus: Sick person + the swollen cheek. Look pitiful much?

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