Thursday, 31 March 2011


I am finally a little bit free this week. I have been burning the midnight oil every single night. I had to rush assignments and study for quiz. I slept as late as 6.4AM, and got up at 7AM to get myself ready for class. Yes, only 20 minutes of sleep.

Apart from that, I noticed that my baby hamster has opened its eyes yesterday! I was like sooo happy for it! Here's a shot and a short video clip for it~~

So..these are what I had been doing this week @@
Doing assignment at the McD
Spare some time to capture photo~

Done answering questions for my Linguistic quiz today~~


And up-to-date, I had used up a packet of instax mini film (free from my instax camera purchase) and several exposures from my Hello Kitty film (gift from my prince).
Captured some misc. photos and photos for other people as well~

I want more films before semester break~~~
I am going to be really busy from tomorrow onwards~
I have to sit for exams~

Life is not the same like in the Foundation lifestyle, where I only sit for the final exam in the final Foundation semester (and also a mock exam). This time around, in Degree, I have exams every semester!

Seriously, life is getting really busy and hectic.


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