Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Development

I found a camera/photo shop nearby my college that can help to develop my 120mm films~!! Again, yay to Lomography~ I am so glad that I can finally have my photos developed and the shop is like 5minutes drive distance only~!

The price is RM 3 for each 3R size photo, and RM 5 for 5R. I think the price is okay, since there are not many shops that can develop 120mm films these days. In fact, Teluk Intan has none and I was told to go to the Kuala Lumpur to develop. It costs RM 5 for each roll of negative film too.

These are my best shots as a beginner.
My first try in fact, and it looks good to me =D

Double exposure

Taken during Michelle's brother's wedding

What makes me even happier is, the shop gave me a free roll of film! I am really happy, seriously~

So..these are my negative ones

Shot of the 4 photos~

With the photo album that contains my other photos~


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