Monday, 28 March 2011


Yesterday when I was rushing to finish up my assignment, I took my break and observed my hamsters. I found out that one of my baby hamsters was missing. I looked for it in the cage but I failed.

When I had finished my assignment, I looked for it again. I put papa hamster (Honeybunch) into the cage and so, it happened that Honeybunch found it. He dug the baby out from the wood hays.

I was shocked. I stunted and I immediately held the baby. I was seriously shocked.
It never moved, it had injuries and it was cold. For a short moment, I knew that the baby is dead.

It seemed like the mouth had been bitten. I do not understand why it happened. I do not understand why it died.

Now, out of 4 siblings; 2 died on the day they're born and 1 which was almost 2 weeks old, this is the only baby left

I do not understand. Why did this happen?