Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 16

Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music

There are 2 definitions for the mainstream music @@ I'll give my views on both.

1. Music that's usually on the radio, Top 40 and is well known to the general public. Usually criticized by fans of the previous mainstream generations, and people who prefer bands and/or genres that aren't apart of the mainstream popularity of the time.

Well, I love listening to the radio. So yeah. I'd listen to know what are the top songs rated every weekend. Other than that, I can add new songs to my laptop~

2. The genres of Pop, Rap, and Hip-Hop, one of the only reasons people like these genres, is to fit in usually. They are great examples of mainstream music.

No. I do not like hip-hop, rap and whatsoever that is under the same category as these. I think the songs are noisy. I hate how it makes my heart beat skips fast and slow. I hate it and that's it.


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