Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 14

Day 14- Your earliest memory

Well. let's see....
The one that I remember clearly was when..I was 7 years old, I guess. My late dad was quite ill and he was in the hospital. It was our (mom, my brother Vince and I) daily routine to visit him every afternoon after Vince and I had finished our morning schooling session.

So..there was this one afternoon (one of the afternoons), I had headache and I complained to go back. Mom tried to make me stay but I refused to. My late dad convinced my mother to bring me to see a doctor. So she did and I remembered that I had slight fever.

I remember this because I regretted my actions.

And on one night, mom brought Vince and I to someone else's house to have our dinner. Mom did not follow. She went to the hospital. So...after the dinner, the friend of my mom fetched Vince and I to the hospital.

I saw my mom crying..
I began to understand. Dad left us already.
He left before Vince and I could see him for the last time.
It was the first time I saw my mom crying

This memory is what I remember, because..honestly speaking, I really regret. I regret for being so young, innocent, naive and selfish. If I knew, I'd not go back due to the headache. And I'd stay with my family members. I'd spend more time with him. I hate myself each time I think about this again. But I know I can't put the blame on anyone...


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