Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mother and Father

I went out to the town for an hour to buy the cage and some stuff. When I got home, I cleaned the newly bought cage as well as the ball. So as I was putting the wood hay into it, I look at Honeybunch. He was sleeping.

*look again*

I got a little panic. I looked in to the old cage. There was one pup in the house, one was at..downstairs. Did it fell from above? Was it hurt? What happened? Luckily I always provide more than enough hays from them. I suppose the hays became the bedding. Thank goodness it can still move.

As I peeked into the house, I saw something bad. I presumed it was a pup too. But, it was headless and no legs. I got a little scared. I moved Honeybunch to the new cage even though there wasn't any hays. My mind gone blank.

I immediately refill the food container. I certainly do not want any of the pups to be eaten. Mom detached the house and took it out, removing everything in it. And yes, placing Sugarplum in the cage again, I saw the dead pup. It was a pitiful sight.

Meanwhile, I placed Honeybunch in the exercise ball so that it can play and I could provide hays. It was playing happily while I was panicking to death. And anyway,

Congratulations to Sugarplum for being a mother, and Honeybunch for becoming a father ^__^
*LOL incest..!!*


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