Monday, 14 March 2011

Day 7

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I am a Scorpio~ Read the information below =D (obtained via Google)

Positive Scorpio Traits
* Passionate
* Sensual
* Magnetic
* Dynamic
* Loyal
* Determined
* Resourceful
* Intuitive
* Emotional
* Powerful
* Tenacious
* Compassionate
* Unshockable
* Observant
* Persistent
* Exciting
Negative Traits
* Jealous
* Possessive
* Resentful
* Controlling
* Overbearing
* Obstinate
* Secretive
* Manipulative
* Vindictive
* Intolerant
* Suspicious
* Quick-tempered
* Compulsive
* Ruthless
* Insulting
* Moody
* Sadistic
* Unyielding

Scorpio Woman
The beauty of a Scorpio woman is exceptional, mysterious and totally magnetic. She knows that and is proud of herself. She will control her wish to dominate and will let a man lead in a relationship, at least during courtship. She knows how to hypnotize a man and gets successful, more often than not. Don't expect a Scorpio female to rush into your arms in front of a thousand people and shout her feelings at the top of her voice. Instead, she will come close to you, glance at you in a sensual way and whisper the most romantic words in a seductive tone.
If you are not sincere with your feelings, don't even try to get close to a Scorpio girl. With those beautiful, penetrating eyes of hers, she can read exactly what is on your mind. She can easily make out your real intentions, so don't flirt. It will amount to insulting her and I assure you, insulting her is not at all good for your health. Even when her tone is soothing, her disposition kind and her smile generous, she can be planning the most powerful retaliation. When a Scorpio woman is insulted or gets hurt, her fury knows no bounds.
Then, she can become the most hard-hearted and most sarcastic person on this earth. If she loves with fierce devotion, she hates with devastating malice. If you are really in love with her, then you need to know more about her. She has a very hypnotic gaze and the moment her eyes meet your, you will go tumbling down in her deep passion. Being noticed by a Scorpio female definitely gives a boost to a man's ego. She needs a man who is stronger than she is and weakness in him won't get her sympathy at all.

Scorpio Love

When it comes to Scorpio love, there's a hard-to-pin-down, magnetic quality which surrounds the Scorpion, an aura which says "try me if you dare!" And that's just what Scorpions want, someone fearless who is willing to help create the ultimate romance, one which will take them to greater heights than ever before. When this works, the Scorpion's passions are unleashed with hurricane force. If, however, the romance zigs and zags, bouts of jealousy may be the unwelcome result. Ruling planets Mars, and Pluto might prompt Scorpio to think that romance is a clash of wills, but a clever lover is the one who can bring this warrior to see that a pincer movement to the heart is the sweetest of all.
Guess who's in charge of any relationship involving a Scorpio? You've got it, the strong Scorpion, who is not quite ready to be controlled by others. This can make for an interesting relationship dynamic and one very sexy chess game. What Scorpion wants is sex, love and money from a lover, and the absolute best where all three are concerned. Deep down, though, it's sex and the power it brings which carry the most weight with this libidinous soul. Scorpions are possessed of a steely determination and a strong sense of what is best for them. Thankfully, this often takes into account their partner, and they are quick to be giving with the right lover and to make their life very easy. As long as the Scorpion wins, there will be harmony in the mating game. The ideal Scorpio soulmate can go twelve rounds anywhere, anytime, and preferably in bed.
The Scorpion is as clever in love as in life: much of what's going on is a tactical game, one they are more than likely to win. Scorpios can be very sexy when in love, and that says a lot about members of this already sexy sign. When in love, the Scorpion can be intensely passionate, a rush of fluid feelings in keeping with this Water-born sign. Often, though, there is a push-pull in the dance of love, thanks to the Scorpion's many motivations. A lover who is willing to discover what's really beneath the surface will serve both the Scorpion and themselves very well. The deeper you go, the more intense the Scorpio love gets.

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All I can is more than half of them are true ^__^ Let me point out the ones which are not accurate
Scorpio Love:
1. "try me if you dare!" aura theory
- I do not want to toy with other's feelings and neither do I want mine to be toyed with

2. "what scorpion wants is sex, love and money..." statement
- sex is totally out of this case, so let's talk about it 10 years later. money...hmm, I do not demand cash from him and I do not craze for money.

I think that is all. Right, almost all are true then =w=
Till next time~


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