Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 6

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

Okay ^__^ I hope these facts are interesting to you xD

1. I dislike my given Chinese name

2. The meaning of my given Chinese name is full moon, as in one month after giving birth

3. I am in love with a guy whose name means sunlight

4. I am 154 or 155cm, making me the 3rd shortest in my class

5. I love to give a name to everything I own

6. At the moment when I am writing, I have an obsession towards shoes painting

7. I was, and am a heart breaker, but I am trying to change this habit ^__^

8. I can hardly find anything that suits my taste

9. I am not a creative person

10. I like to observe mild trolls

11. I prefer online shopping

12. I choose wedges over high heels and pumps

13. More than 90% of the songs in my phone are lovely lovable love songs

14. I would like to try surviving only on chocolates rather than proper meals

15. I love the Lolita fashion, but never have the chance to try it yet ^__^

16. I first tuned in to the Fly FM, then I stopped listening to the radio. During the second half of last year I tuned in to the Traxx, and now I am tuned in to the Hitz FM

17. I will make this year my final year in cosplaying

18. I would like to go to my sunlight's house one day

19. I never notice myself liking slight plain stuff until someone told me

20. I like to see shoe laces being tied loosely

21. I was asked to accept the commissions of sewing and knitting some stuff, but I rejected the requests

22. I am a Chinese and yet I suck in the language, I can't read and write

23. I doubt what blood am I mix with, I never ask

24. I truly dislike the stereotype of girl with bob hair, wearing baju kurung/kebaya most of the time, slight dark/lightly tanned skin is a Sabahan (because I am the victim!)

25. I sing out my emotions via Taylor Swift and Owl City's songs

26. I prefer my life partner to be much smarter and knowledgeable than me even though I always want to be #1 in every thing I do

27. I can't speak in front of the crowd, and I can't give eye contact (suck to be on me, the future teacher. But I am trying very hard to change)

28. I notice that Taylor Swift uses the digit 2 a lot when she mentions the time

29. I lost almost all of my high school friends

30. I have had 2 non-serious relationship and been cheated once. The previous relationship was serious, but not from my heart because I accepted blindly and regretted for not being frank on the second month.