Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Random stuff again~

Whee-hoo~~~~ 8DD
I am pretty much getting used to university life style now ^^
In fact, I think that I am having a lot of fun here =D

I took this picture yesterday ;D I was not smiling though xD

Many of my classmates say that I look pretty good =D Make me feel good ^^
And oh, I think I am really into knitting now =D This was taken before I came back here

It is much lesser, thinner and little now. I really need to get new yarns D:
One thing that really quite made my day today is that my allowance has been banked in =D

However, it is lesser than I have expected. Then, I have decided to be even wiser in spending my money. I mean, I seriously need to manage my financial well.

So... I think I will drop my dream to be in touch with the mori girl fashion :( It may bring me happiness, but it will not last long. But my dream for photography will remain = ] I love taking photos anyway. Therefore, it shall lives.

And the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini is still on. Yes, I shall buy it! I will go back this weekend and buy.

I am going to buy the handphone, facial skin stuff and yarns.
I am going to place order for my instant cam films too.
....I might be going for film lomo cam too..!!! \(@A@)/

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