Thursday, February 3, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year, everyone ^____^
Happy Honey Bunny Year~

The Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration is one of the major celebrations for the chinese in this country. The chinese will usually stay up until 12am on this day for some prayer, especially the Taoists.

The significance of CNY to the younger children is receiving the red packets from married ones. Well, they will have joy upon receiving money ^___^ Whereas for me (and other adults, I think), I feel that CNY is all about gathering and reunite with our family members, eating together and chat about ourselves. Sometimes we also talked about how we reacted towards the CNY when we were young. We will also visit our friends and exchange the red packets for the children *not we. I mean the married ones*

Other than that, I also love to see the fireworks that decorates the night sky. They are beautiful, and of course impermanent. Well, there are also taboos for CNY too. We are not allowed to wash our hair, I am not sure why is it so. We are also not allowed to sweep the floor and hold the broom, because it means sweeping away our luck. There are a lot actually, these 2 are the common ones ;)

I finally have my chance to wear my modern cheongsam >_____< I bought it last year and only worn for testing...
I took this before departing to my uncle's house
Be happy, because I looked like I have single eyelid! *LOL*

I also brought my camera along~

Camwhores in the car~
Do you love my headpiece? It definitely looks like rabbit headdress, isn't it? *O*

I am sad because I forgot to take photos with my family members 8( *I know I can do it any time* I received quite a lot of red packets =)

I have nowhere to visit because I do not have many friends from my high school. I lost them, I think. Besides I was the typical otaku too.. Nothing but manga and anime and figurines.

Oh well.. ^__^
Happy Chinese New Year, once again~

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