Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kuih Bahulu~~

There is still half an hour to the Chinese New Year celebration ^__^

My preparation? I helped mom to bake kuih bahulu last Saturday =D

That's mom. We always use the traditional method; ie charcoal and gas.

Miscellaneous~ 8D;;

*hamsters out of the sudden?!*
That's Sugarplum at the front, and Honeybunch at the back*

CNY eve is a meaningful day to me too. I like it because I can eat with all my family members; ie aunts and uncles and cousins. They'd come back from far and have reunion meals with us ^^

I hope all of you enjoy your holidays~ Be sure to finish up your assignments though ^^
And to all the Chinese out there, Happy Chinese New Year~
Happy Prosperous Rabbit Year~

ps: less than 2 minutes more to CNY =P

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