Monday, February 28, 2011

28th February 2011

I am currently obsessed with the nature and the sky.
It is unexplainable.

I was totally an indoor person, before meeting this 'someone'. I'd never leave the house/room when it is day time, and I only go out at night, when there's totally no more Sun. In fact, I hate the Sun. It burns my skin. I'd only stay under the shade.

But now, after meeting this 'someone', I start to love the Sun, clouds, trees, rays, and literally the nature. I go out really often during the day time., exposing myself to the Sun. I also found myself loving myself even more, even when I have got my skin darkened *imagine suntanned Vivian*.

There, my Sun lives above the embroideries of the clouds

I'll stay under the Sun more, I guess =3

But, I am still loving to stay under the shades of nature xD

Rays! Rays!!

Dear Sunlight,
I'd reach out, spread my arms and embrace you, and your
Sweet presence by my side all day long.
Lovin' you even more than I ever did the days before
Will always be my hobby from now on <3

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