Monday, 28 February 2011


Hey ya~~
I have been loving myself so much recently. Nothing much actually =D Lovin' ownself is really a good thing, yes?

Anyway, I have finished knitting using the rose pink yarn. I knitted myself a phone pouch.

I am so thankful that Yang actually encouraged me and also stayed up late with me to learn knitting at the beginning of this month. He was with me =D
And I feel glad that I achieved a new skill in my life, and looking at myself, who is so clumsy (and think that things hate me), making the new phone pouch for myself is definitely a brilliant choice.

My phone is still new (like 2 weeks), but I dropped it quite a lot of time, and there are scratches. Yang said that it looks like an old phone.

With the handmade phone pouch, I never drop it anymore since I use it =D
I am really happy with myself ^^

Apart from that, the Mc Donald's now has a new Sundae flavour! My current favourite and obsession, the Mango-Peach flavour xDD
I have been craving to eat something mango-ish, and here it is. My dream comes true!!


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