Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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Recently, I have fettish towards lomo camera again. Taking photos of the evening sceneries and random stuff I see had risen my interest actually. I wanted to take the photos with my Fujufilm Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty, but on my second thought, it might be a waste for me.

So I went browsing through at The *Click* Shop for film lomo. The lomo series that attract me the most are the Diana F+ and Diana Mini. I like the appearance.

I was thinking to get either one of those series, and I consulted Baby Kyoru for some advise. Then I approached Yang too. After that, I went to do some research and survey on those two.

Look at the size compability
Left: Diana Mini
Right: Diana F+
Both normal edition

I was thinking of getting pink ones. However, come to think of it, I have to many pink items.

Baby Kyoru suggested to take either Diana F+ Qing Hua or Diana Mini Love is in the Air
Diana F+ Qing Hua (flower of love)

Diana Mini Love is in the Air

I was really in dilemma. Yang said the Qing Hua's design is more interesting. But the Mini is really cute too, and petite.
...Really petite?

The Diana Mini Love is in the Air
side view

diana mini camera + flash, camera box

front and side view

The cloud design is really cute =D
and the
Diana F+ Qing Hua

back view

flash decoration. so nice!

the close-up of the lens

the..IDK-what-to-call button xD

camera and flash

Comparing from the functions, abilities and the whatnots, I have decided to choose the
Diana F+ Qing Hua.

More functions to be made full use of, more abilities to be pleasured, more accessories to be complemented, and it is cheaper actually.

I am planning to get it next month =D And I reckon this is how it will look like when it arrives

Not in a whole package though... it'd cost me more than RM 1k!

Look at the lens for Diana F

So many, eh? It's gonna be really interesting!

Wheeee~~~ =D

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