Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Straight fringe

There was this one matter that bothered me every time when I thought about it. It shattered my confidence when I was about to do it. And I always ask for others' opinion about this matter. They encouraged me to do it. Yet.. I never did. Friends on my Facebook know that I often ask about this. Because it concerns my physical traits! Once I do it, I'd have to wait for another few months.

This is about cutting my bangs straight.
*OOT a dolly pose IMO*

Last night, before I fell asleep, I thought about this again. I told myself "Yes, I'll cut it this time" though I doubt it. While this morning, I posted a photo of a person with bob style hair and having straight bangs. I know those who are supporting me to cut it will still support me. And what boost my confidence today was one of them really gave me the encouragement. Thus I told my mom to fetch me to a saloon.

Last photo of me with "the style" in my room

In the saloon
Say goodbye~

Now, here's the preview I posted at my Facebook wall

I hope it actually looks good on me O_______O

And I actually feel like a kid again
That's a Barney plushie~
And like..seriously. Compare the current me with the me from more than 10 years ago

With my white beanie~

Purple beehive beanie~

Mom says I look just fine =D
(Me: Ma, define 'fine' please D:)

What do you think? = ]

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