Friday, February 11, 2011


I am so tired this week..! Have been staying up late at night to finish up homework. And going out every night to do some stuff in the town.

Psss, I have got my new handphone =D Yang, Ting and I went to the Greentown Mall to survey. Most of the sellers do not have the original (zitron) SE Xperia X10 Mini. So sad. Until we dropped by at another shop in the mall, I finally asked for the differences between the X10 Mini and X8.

The seller said that the Xperia X10 Mini and Xperia X8 are the same. In terms of size, X8 has bigger screen (whee~). And the X8 has a newer processor. I asked for Yang's opinion. He said if both are the same, might as well take X8, it'd be easier for me to type messages. So ditto. A decision is made.

Welcome to momma :D

The sad thing about this Xperia X8 is that its camera megapixel is only 3.2. Sad for me, who loves photography.

Anyway, still lovin' the phone~ Look at my camwhores~

The photos look okay, aren't they? =3

I am happy with it =3
Happy with my choice =D
Thank you, all of you~


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