Sunday, January 9, 2011

TESL Night?

Today was another typical Sunday, like it always does.

I woke up quite early this morning and then I continued to sleep. It was nearly 12 in the noon when McJust texted me a message, asking for Yang's contact number. Luckily, I was concious enough, and I managed to send her Yang's number.

Then, I could not sleep any longer. I got up and made myself ready for the day.
I ironed my clothes, and fed hamsters. Next, gone reading newspaper online. Well, there was nothing interesting at all.

I played one of the Facebook games, and gone reading my novel. I feel good because I managed to finish up 1/3 of the book =D I hope I can finish it soon so that I can move on with another novel that I brought.

And when I grew tired, I took a nap. It lasted for half an hour only though.. Yang had a good timing such that he texted me a message about 2 minutes after I woke up. Chatted for a while then I went out to jog. *sigh* I am losing my stamina =( I cannot run as good as last year already.

Kak Long and I bumped with Mr. Amir when we jogged. He said that we should set a duration for ourselves. No matter how fast our speed is, it is always time that matters. *new knowledge* He also claimed that it is all right to jog slow. He recommended 20 minutes, and when we are ready for longer duration, just add another 2 minutes. Slowly, step by step. Running real fast and going back after 5 minutes is nothing at all.

Kak Long and I plan to jog 20 minutes tomorrow =3 I hope it really bears me fruit.

My room mate's mother treated me for a dinner just now, which I am really glad and feel so thankful. I am not sure how much it costs, but y' times like this, when allowance is yet to come (like 3 months later, you need to starve, seriously), and you get free food. Aren't you happy? = ]

These few days, I find myself smiling alone for some reason. And in the same time, feeling disdained. Last night, someone told me something that I notice so true. He said, better things tend to come after we have got what we want. So yeah... true, isn't it?

I was at the TESL Night practice a moment ago - just got back. Not feeling so well, mentally and emotionally. Hope I will be fine tomorrow. TESL Night is just few days ahead! I hope that my class can perform well!

Let's work hard, everyone!! Mmuaahh!!! <3

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