Saturday, 8 January 2011

Outing with friends~

So it was a Friday yesterday.
Now, the good thing about a Friday to me is that I feel that my class finishes extra early.
(Note: my classes finishes at 12.30pm every day though... =w=)

I went back to read the Star online newspaper and then loafing around on the Facebook. And after a while, I went to nap.

Deep in my peaceful nap, I dreamed. It was very fun and great, and nevertheless, AWESOME.
I dreamed that my class was on a field trip! The place was awesome. Y'know..ideal house-based living area. All of us were under the same host family. We could have free food, and refill. I remembered that I went refill for more chocolates!

We were also been taught to use a rifle @@ going up on an aeroplane, etc.. And I remembered that on the last day we were there, I was verbally bullied by this Lye fellow!

Then...I woke up from the nap. It feels great! After that, I received a phone call from Mr. Lim. He was asking me the initial number of students in my class, then the current number, asking for their names. Mr. Lim thought that all of the new students were girls, until I told him that Guang Yang is a Chinese boy. I spelled out their names, and then he asked me if Guang Yang was handsome. We both laughed, I replied that Guang Yang's a cute fellow. We laughed again and he said "Oh, happy a~" LOLOLOL xDDD

It was a good day, such that it did not rain heavily yesterday. I finally got to go out to jog again after a few days T^T Myself, Anis, Kak Long (Ikin) and Guang Yang went, and we planned to jog for 3 laps, but we ended up only 2.

Group photo 8D
Everyone's cute in there except me >A<

Then we brought Guang Yang to the lake because he wanted to see. He's such a bad mouth arse! Keep verbal bully me! Damn!

At night, all the four of us, and also Anis's room mate went hanging out at Kinta City Mall. We first headed to dinner at the KFC. Then lurking around at the first floor. Anis and her room mate went to buy some Big Apple donuts, while Kak Long, Guang Yang and I went into a CD shop. Window shopping ROFL.

Then, we went to play bowling.
They included my name in the list, and I just have to play! \(@A@)/

Anis, her room mate and Guang Yang are really good! Their points were just so close! Kak Long was moderately okay, and myself, of course, the last.

I stroke none until the 5th round. I managed to hit few down. I was like HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HIT SOME!! HAHAHAHAHA YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! *retard mode*. Guang Yang was like..*drop jaw* =.= Oh yeah, he stroke all. Damn pro.

But it is really a nice experience that I will treasure! We still have one more game to go. Probably will be going there when we were free again! I enjoyed myself yesterday xD

Thanks for making my day too, all of you~

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