Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Surat Merah


Is my first day for the Degree studies. Everything was fine. Even Mr. Suhaimi's class is nice too. But the damn thing that happened was;

After Mr. Su's class, Mdm Hadzrawiah's class. It was just pass less than 15 minutes, Ezad received a phone call from the HEP. Ezad reported that all of us (the J8) are required to be at the HEP at once. We were informed that it concerned the orientation for the past 2 days. Knowing about this, I bet the officers are not happy with us.

So... as all of us were informed for several times already, we do not need to attend the orientation in IPIP (because we went through the one whole week orientation in UPSI). The good thing is/was, we attended the orientation in IPIP as well. However on the second day, a lecturer told us to go back because it concerns none of us. Then, being good trainees, we went back.

The damn(ed) thing is, we were ACCUSED for not attending the orientation. What more are:
- no one listens to our explanation
- shouted at for no solid reason
- given a red letter for not attending.

The more ridiculous things are:
- been corrected for having "wrong" dress code

Seriously, there are nothing big. But I do not understand what their problems are. What do they want from us?

When we explained that we're not involved, and someone told us to go back, we were
(a) interrupted and 'opposed'
(b) shouted for "being rude" when we are actually answering their questions
(c) indirectly told to shut the 'F' up

So everything's ruined. RUINED.
Ruined on the first day of Degree education. Spoilt!
I kind of feel like a puppet today.


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