Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Laicikang and Lye

Hey guys! Hey guys!!! I have just receive my final exam pointer result!!! 8DD *rejoice*

But before that, I want to tell you people something.

After a long time, I finally heard of the word "laicikang" again. I remembered someone told me about it. But I cannot remember what it is. Now, I heard of the word last week, in UPSI, when we were playing some rhythmic games.

The opening of the song sounds like this; "Laicikang, semangkuk dua kupang". I keep thinking of it. And my new classmate, who is transfered from the Kelantan campus, said that laicikang is a type of dessert. One of the reasons why I keep thinking of laicikang is, the name of my new classmate is Lye Guang Yang. Y' know... "lye" as in lie and lai, and bell lyre.

Now..speaking of laicikang, reminds me of this Lye fellow, and it reminds me of some damn(ed) thing! Yesterday, he said that I am SHORT! ಠ_ಠ

Right. So here's the highlight. MY POINTER RESULT.
I scored
3.54 out of 4.00

I have always aimed for 3.75, but I am not "that" sad nor disappointed with what I get, because the final exam was the first "real" exam in my foundation studies.

So...3.54. It is a B+
This time around, I am going to work a much harder. I want to get 3.75. It is a must.
(oTL give pressure to myself)

Let's not be sad for this.
Let's work harder!

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