Monday, 3 January 2011


Finally the day that everyone has been waiting for has come.
When I was little, I used to complain that the holidays were too short. And as I grow older, I'd be happy to go to school, to meet my friends and teachers.

So here I am. A new Degree trainee of TESL. I woke up early and got myself ready. I was almost late though..because I thought that it was still early so I switched on the laptop and read newspaper online.

However, everything was not as good as I had expected. All of us had to listen to some lecture and briefing. Then, we were told to fork out RM 80. Like wth? We have not even receive our allowance yet. Some of us do not have enough money, some will not be able to eat at all.

Anyway. Just put that aside.
I took photos with all my classmates today =D
Oh well. Sorry because it is small =.=

And oh, my camwhore xP

With my tutor, Mdm Azizah =D

Nevertheless, I have received my hamsters =D

The food supply

DearDear and I named the male 'Ace', meaning expert, unity, one.

And the female, Fluffy, since it looks "round" OwO

They are only less than 2 months old.
Fluffy loves to play with the wood thingy. As if it was a beaver or drill, and go collect those things!

And it goes "Chakk!!"

Now, I have 2 new companions.

Jo said that I looked like I want to eat them.. T___T

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