Monday, 31 January 2011


I never noticed that today is the 31st January until I began to write on this entry. In the middle of the night, I took up the courage and looked up for knitting and things related to it. I have always been wanting to learn how to knit, but I never had the chance. A friend of my mom knows how to and gives classes, but on Sunday noon. Meaning, the opportunity for me to learn is really low.

First, if I come back to my hometown, I often take off on Sunday morning.
Second, I don't always go back. Time and money factors.

So... I was browsing through a mori girl blog and found a link to a shop, selling apparels of it. I saw a lace butterfly ring. It was like soooo damn pretty and amazing! Here is the link. Like OMG <3

Thanks to Yang, he encouraged me to look up for more about knitting. Eventually, I followed some tutorials and learn from them. It was pretty shocking to know, to see, and to feel that I can actually knit based on the tutorials! (duh... ==) I found a lime green yarn in a cupboard and I tested using pencils as the needles. It is a success, except that I made my first row messy. (I'm a newbie!)

This afternoon, I persuaded my mom to bring me out to buy the knitting needles and a new yarn. Look at the varieties of colours and material types (and the prices too)!

I picked the rosy pink yarn. And the seller picked needles of size 0.4mm for me =D

*love the effect in this photo*

Oh before I forget. Mom brought me to trim and thread my eyebrows. Feel accomplished! I always feel ugly when I see myself having bushy and messy and untidy eyebrows :(

Eyebrows trimming makes me feel pretty *LOL xDD* And in order to be pretty, you always have to feel the pain. In this case, the pulling of your hair. To me, it feels like someone digs your skin out. Seriously. And which is why, some people'd rather shave. However, the hair that grows thereafter will be thicker and looks harsh or rough on any girl.

Here are my camwhores tonight~~~
Oh, I made my fringe split into half =D





Let me tell you something.
I wish I have heart-killer eyes.
Then everyone will fall in love with me.
And I love my eyes a lot.
I have double eyelids!
I hope my children will have eyes like mine too~

Dear heart,
make me grow stronger

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