Sunday, 30 January 2011


Goodness gracious!
I left my entry half way last night :P

Let me finish up this part xP I am going to spend RM 0.6k on the android phone. Next, I have to release my temptations; to go shopping, spend money on things that I like.

Have I ever mention about the Mori Girl trend? Mori is a Japanese term, meaning Forest. I don't know if I should call it a fashion, because I am still murky about this trend. You can read more about this here. Or try to google it out =D The concept is pretty interesting too~ (and I am lazy to explain actually..)

Some pictures~

I want to follow this trend too~ I hope I will look good in it.
Oh yes.. I want to shop for shoes, bags and dresses as well as tees! Budget of the dresses and tees is around RM 270, bags RM 170 and shoes.. I have no idea. Have to keep them low. And taking up the Mori Girl trend, I have yet to know the prices for everything =3

And I love vintage-feeling clothings.. Rose prints, nature, the animals, quirky antiques. Oh, I have cravings for long A-line skirts, pretty tights, cute knitted boleros, adorable headbands and nice shoes and boots! Not everything suits my taste anyway.. I am more attracted to vintage and English-feel apparels (yes, redundant because I have mention =w=)

One thing that I dislike about my hometown is that all the clothes that shops sell are Taiwanese styles. Not my cuppa tea at all. I can hardly find any clothes that I like. I often shop in Ipoh. So yeah. I am waiting so eagerly for my allowance to come.

Oh and one more thing! I want to buy films for my polaroid camera! I left only 5 more photos at the moment :( I definitely will take a family photo this Chinese New Year, and maybe photos of my relatives too (that is if I was requested to do so). I want to survive until I get new films! The damn thing is, I am now attracted to film lomos. But I don't think I want to buy it. I want to save more money!

Wishlist! Wishlist!! Oh hey, Oxford shoes are really cool!
The Oxford's Leatherette boots

And Victorian Oxford Shoes

I hope I can wear them someday

Spend for the clothes! Spend for the clothes!!

Oh and the polaroid film

Have to spend my money wisely~~

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